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TV Tank (pat.pend.)

"The TV tank from Picture House is an amazing  innovation. It gives a focal point to a room and means there are no 'black boxes' on walls. In all my years producing bespoke aquariums for customers, I've never seen anything like it so I must congratulate David Free the inventor. The concept of hiding a TV inside a fully working aquarium is fantastic. What's more, the invention is totally harmless to the fish because the TV is completely isolated from the wet area. David has thought of everything - an opening at the top for maintaining the aquarium and feeding the fish. There's also storage space for the water filter, fish food and home cinema equipment. Awesome." Laurence Cooper, The Aquariumgroup, one of the UK's premier aquarium manufacturers.

 See Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby from ITV's "This Morning" review best gadgets for 2013 

Price ranges from £3500 inc VAT. Price with filter, heater, tank lighting, power-heads, decoration, fish etc. vary depending on the type of tank setup. Marine tanks and coral tanks are available with sump filtration. Ask our dealer for details on the type of installations you require.

Price does not include delivery or installation. The product is freestanding and can be installed easily. Our installers can deliver and install your TV and equipment leaving you to populate your tank with water and fish. We can also provide a full wet install where our aquarium experts will add fish, decoration, plants, coral and create the environment you choose. Full maintenance contracts are available if you would like to have us look after your fish and tank on an ongoing basis.

Delivery and installation costs vary depending on your location and type of installation you require. Ask our staff for details.

The TV Tank is the world's first TV concealing aquarium from Picture House. This patent pending aquarium has a hidden cavity inside the tank that conceals the TV and lift equipment from view. When you look at the tank you see water and fish from all sides.

Suitable for both home and office it is an exciting piece of TV furniture that creates a unique focal point like nothing on earth.

It is available in 3 different finishes:

Speciality Veneer, Painted and Acrylic in 16 different colours.

Dimensions and price will vary depending on the size of TV you wish to conceal.

Remote controlled LED colour changing lighting is available as is lighting options for tropical or marine.

Our universal TV mounting bracket will accept virtually any television. There are three concealed equipment storage spaces*, one hides the tank filter, one is for home cinema equipment and the other for general storage of DVD's or fish food and accessories.

This tank is suitable for goldfish, tropical or marine and the two right hand cabinets can be used for a sump filter if required. Discuss your particular requirements with one of our sales staff.

We are asked all the time.... how can I hide my TV. Hidden TV furniture with an integrated TV lift is much better than a TV stand. Pop up TV furniture will Conceal your TV in a cabinet or fireplace and you can also hide your cables and other home cinema equipment. Suitable for bedroom TV cabinets, living room TV cabinets and TV Fireplaces.

* depends on use of sump filter for marine which uses to storage areas.

Repitle Enclosure

The TV Tank can also be used as an enclosure for snakes and other reptiles. There is no need for water filteration, lighting and water heating so we can supply the product with our (Tank Only) basic package option.

Prices range from £2700 inc VAT