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The New TV Fireplace - an innovative way of hiding the TV - now you see it, now you don’t

You’ve splashed out on a new TV, but you don’t want a huge screen dominating the lounge? What’s more, what about all those unattractive wires and cables?
David Free, TV presenter and award winning furniture designer, has come up with the answer - a range of fireplaces that conceal your TV from view when not in use - when you’re ready to watch your favourite programme, a lifting mechanism automatically lifts the TV out of the cabinet to viewing height - at the touch of a button on the remote. And when the programme has finished, you simply press the button again and the TV magically disappears inside the cabinet. The cables don’t need to be hidden in the wall because the television and the wiring is concealed inside the fireplace or cabinet. The cabinets are available in a range of styles and woods to match your existing decor scheme.

Cabinet maker David Free, who presents “The Great British Woodshop” TV programme on Discovery, says: “Large flat screen TVs are fantastic, but what most people do is put the TV in the middle of the wall. This means the TV dominates the room and takes up valuable space. When I purchased a plasma TV, I was faced with this problem and decided to do something about it.”
So he set to work in his workshop and came up with the idea of stylish, hand-crafted cabinets to conceal the plasma TV and wiring and set up a new company - Picture House Cabinets.

The fireplaces and cabinets are in a wide range of styles, so you can match new and existing decor. The full range of plasma TV cabinets can be viewed on
Prices vary depending on the choice of cabinet style and finish. Special cabinets to house larger or smaller plasma or LCD TVs can be made to order. For further information, please telephone: 01932 345184;; web:

About David Free
Born in Brisbane, Australia, David started his career as an amateur and professional ice skater. He first came to the UK as an ice skating coach, teaching at the International Ice Dance Academy, where he trained with Betty Callaway, coach of famous ice skating couple Torvill and Dean. 
After a career in skating and 20 years in the telecoms industry, David turned his hobby of furniture-making into a business.
In 2002, he started independent TV production company, Fastdraw Productions, and created TV series “The Great British Woodshop” which he produced and presents on Discovery.  See episode here:

David is a self-taught cabinet maker and custom furniture designer and his interest in woodworking began at school. Since then, he has continued improving his skills over the past 25 years and is now considered to be the Discovery Shed DIY expert as is clear as you watch him build furniture on “The Great British Woodshop” TV series. In 2004 he founded Picture House and invented a fully working fireplace that also conceals a TV. He was awarded a patent for his invention in 2005 and has continued to develop new designs in both fireplaces and furniture. He is currently the Managing Director of Picture House and continues to work in television when the opportunity arises. Most recently he has appeared on the ITV programme 60 Minute Makeover.

About The Great British Woodshop TV series, Discovery
Described as “poetic, complex, skilled” by The Independent on Sunday, ‘The Great British Woodshop’ TV series celebrates the best of traditional furniture making, taking inspiration from the old world and transforming those pieces of furniture into modern-day equivalents. 
In each episode, David Free guides audiences through the process of building pieces of furniture of a style that is currently popular with today's home owners. In a relaxed and informative manner David demystifies the art of furniture making and takes audiences on a tour of some of the most magnificent historical homes in the UK to seek out the best examples of quality workmanship. Viewers are encouraged to stretch their DIY skills and try some of these projects in their own home workshops.
The show can be seen on Discovery Channel in the UK and the "How To” TV channel in Australia, as well as many other countries throughout Europe.

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