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WINCHESTER Solid Oak TV Cabinet was £2895 now £1950 Ex-Show model.

Charlotte 'TV Ottoman' with Blue LED Lighting kit. Was £2794 now £1850.

Sick of your TV dominating your living room? You need elegant, automated TV concealment furniture from Picture House.

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Televisions have become such an important part of our homes. We think of kicking back after a long day to watch our favourite shows and movies, laughing with our family and friends or curling up beside our partner for an intimate night in. But when the TV's turned off, all you're left with is a big black box. In fact, the average screen size is increasing year by year, with more and more of our walls being taken up by a dark, empty square. At Picture House we don't just sell 'off the shelf' solutions, our designers will work with you to create the perfect style of TV fireplace or cabinet that suits your room allowing TV and Interior Design to live in perfect harmony.

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60 Min Makeover
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What others say

"This is a gadget and a half"
Holly Willoughby, TV Presenter. ITV This Morning
"Elegant solution to a home furnishing problem"
The Times
"It never ceases to amaze me"
Terry Dwyer, Presenter 60 Minute Makeover

Our Reliability

The heart of any automated furniture is its lifting mechanism. We install the quietest, smoothest and most reliable European made lifting equipment in our furniture. Combine this with our fully adjustable mounting bracket that will allow you to mount any TV and you can see why we're happy to give you a 3 year guarantee. Here's a few more reasons why we think we offer the best solution on the market:

  • Anti-collision technology
  • Electronic height setting for perfect viewing with the touch of a button
  • Space under the TV for a sound bar or equipment
  • Auto self opening lid or lift top to allow for decorations to be left in place
  • TV turns On and Off automatically (safety and power saving)
Picture House Awards
British Invention of the Year
Silver Medal

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