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Relight my (plasma-concealing) fireplace

Sat, 14 Jan 2006 07:30 AM

Relight my (plasma-concealing) fireplace

There aren’t many places you can hide a plasma TV - you could buy some curtains, perhaps, or tuck it behind a giant Edward Hopper print. Or you could invest in this plasma fireplace.

A telly in a fireplace, you say? Isn’t that a recipe for a burning house? Apparently not. The prudish Firelight Modern (above) from Picture House  doesn’t feature naked flames – instead, it features a ‘flame effect’ fire that draws in cool air and projects the warmth outwards, meaning the plasma isn’t subjected to any heat.

In true Bond fashion, the TV (not included) lifts automatically out of the fireplace when you press a button on the remote. The fire itself is also controlled with the remote, allowing you to adjust and switch the heat on and off. If only cavemen could see us now. 

It’s a complete solution for clutter, too – there’s storage for your DVD player or PVR underneath, along with the accompanying wires, and downlights can be added for an extra cost.

So, how do you get your telly fireplaced up? Firstly, check that it’s compatible – the units will take most plasmas up to 50in, and can be made to order. Then, decide if you want to install it yourself - a three hour job for two people - or pay the extra premium for delivery and installation. 

Picture House also offers bundle deals including Pioneer, Philips, Panasonic, LG and Sharp TVs.

Prices for the units themselves start at £2,140, and go up to £5,260 depending on which design you go for. Head over to to snap one up.  

By Mark Wilson