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Choose a finish to suit your decor

TV Fireplaces are available in 3 different materials. Either Marble, Wood or a Stone Finish. There are 3 different colour stone finishes available to choose from and are also available in Cream or Black Marble and Solid Wood.

Our range of TV furniture is designed to suit almost every possible decor from Classic to Modern. You can choose from a range of finishes in solid wood or you can order your cabinet in a primed or painted finish. The painted finish can be in your choice of colour to suit your rooms interior design.

The cabinets are available in any species of wood with some examples below. All cabinets are matt lacquered for durability and finished to the highest standards.

Cherry Maple Oak
Pine Walnut Painted

Our 'Mix and Match' facility will allow you to design the look you want to match your own interior decor.

Made to order cabinets to suit different size TV's are available. Our standard range of cabinets will suite TV's up to 52". Cabinets for use in bedrooms such as Ottomans, End of Bed Cabinets and other living room furniture can be made to match your existing style of furniture to create a suite of matching furniture for your room.

The sprayed stone finishes below are used on our TV Fireplaces. This finish has the look and feel of stone without the weight concerns. This makes the fireplace easy to lift and move and gives you a stone look fireplace at a fraction of the cost. The finish is also easy to clean and originally developed for outdoor statues.

Close Up of White Limestone. This finish was originally developed for outdoor statues, it is waterproof and can be cleaned with a nail brush and water. It is incredibly tough and will not wear.