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Interior designers, architects and home owners ask us all the can I hide my TV. Hidden TV furniture with an integrated TV lift is much better than a TV stand. Pop up TV furniture will conceal your TV in a cabinet or fireplace and you can also hide your cables and other home cinema equipment. Suitable for bedroom TV cabinets, living room TV cabinets and TV Fireplaces.

RELIABILITY - The heart of any automated furniture is its lifting mechanism. Some companies will promise you that they use the best quality lift mechanism but in truth there are many cheap Far East lifts being used. Many will try to compete on price but as we all know, substituting quality for price is not always the best option.

Picture House has been dedicated to producing automated furniture since 2004. We don't do anything else. We know our customers want their home cinema solution to last for many years and that's why we have a European manufactured lift specifically designed 'by us' for ease of installation, use and longevity. It is the quietest, smoothest and most reliable lift available and is backed by our 3 year lift warranty. It is also approved in over 30 countries worldwide and carries local support in all those countries, now that's hard to beat

QUALITY - We pioneered many of the ideas used for home cinema concealment and we continue to develop new ideas and design to simplify and declutter your home. Our products are made, and quality inspected to the highest standards. Our marble surrounds are made using lightweight techniques unique to Picture House, actually a world first and something we are very proud of. This enables you to have a solid marble fireplace that can be lifted by two people and moved to any position in your house. Being self contained and not requiring a chimney or flue, setup and installation is done effortlessly. Our patented solution is designed to give you the perfect focal point and the correct viewing height. Whether it is our marble, timber or stone finish surrounds, or one of our furniture pieces for your living room or bedroom, each piece of furniture will give you many many years of enjoyment.

DESIGN - As screens have increased in size even the big manufacturers like Sony have tried to find ways to hide them when not in use. There are many TV concealing solutions now, this is no longer something for the gadget geeks. Over the past 6 years products have continued to appear in the mainstream and we produce furniture for all needs including traditional cabinets and sideboards and of course Picture House's award winning 'TV Fireplace' design. This combines the two focal points of the room allowing you to warm next to a cosy 2kW fire or to give your room a focal point if you don't have one, to save floor space, to hide all your boxes and cables out of sight, to have all your seating arranged around your fully working fireplace, a portable design that allows you to take it with you if you move house, to secure your TV from theft..... we could go on but we think you get the picture. Our custom integration service can even match your new TV cabinet to your existing furniture, blending your furniture design at a cost far less than you might think.

OUTSTANDING SERVICE - We know that customers have choices and we go the extra distance to make sure that our customers are happy with the entire experience. From the first phone call, to the first time they press the remote control on their new TV concealing furniture. We never get tired of watching our customers reaction when their room is transformed back to a place of comfort and relaxation without having a giant black box dominating the living space. Find out how our customers feel about our products and service CLICK HERE. Why not let us help you transform your home. TV concealing furniture has come of age.

Home cinema does not need to dominate space in the living room and all your black boxes will be out of sight and out of mind. WE SERVICE CUSTOMERS WORLDWIDE. PatNo's. GB2412061,EP1865807 (worldwide pat pend.)